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Finding a Deeper Meaning To Your Soul's Experience

Jaclyn is a cosmic healer who centers her work around the Akashic Records, Karmic Past Life Healings, Astrology Connections through the use of Tarot and Oracle and devotes herself as a grief guide working with the community who have suffered from infant loss. She was called to transition fully into this work after the loss of her youngest son, Clark and is very passionate about helping people move into their path of abundance through finding out who they are at soul level. She is a fully certified Soul Realignment Practitioner

✭ connecting you to your path in the stars ✭

Have you ever wondered who you are at soul level? Where your soul originated from? Does your body feel elevated when you experience the energies of the earth or you connect with something that feels bigger than your physical body. This is not a coincidence, these are the little moments in our daily life that your soul is asking you to see a little further than your third dimensional being, to tap into your divine gifts, your purpose and your path to abundance. 

Everything you need is already here, you just have to open your heart to it.

Divine Soul Blueprint Reading

Property Clearing
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Sessions are available via zoom or over the phone. 
Victoria, Vancouver Island
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"Jaclyn showed me a new outlook on my life and the patterns I was repeating. Through the clearings I was able to step into my life with a new perspective and in a new light."


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