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My 10 Go-To Tips For Setting Up Your Calendar

Here are 10 of my Go-To Tips to setting up your Monthly Calendar!

  1. Colour Code! Separate work, personal and family bookings on your calendar by choosing a different highlighter colour for each one! This keeps it simplified and prevents the eye from becoming overwhelmed.

  2. Make it all visible! Write in those school events, sporting games, medical appointments, trips + social events. The worst is not writing one of those bookings in and last minute trying to scramble to make it work.

  3. Use stickers! You can use stickers instead of words for doctors appointments, sporting games etc.

  4. Eliminate writing in the times! This will save space on the monthly calendar squares, you will be writing the times of your appointments on the weekly pages of your planner anyways.

  5. Grocery List! Establish the items that you always want your fridge stocked with, all others can be added into your weekly planner.

  6. Monthly Goals! Keep this to a max of 3 goals you want to hit. 3 is an achievable target and it feels good to cross those completed goals off at the end of the month!

  7. Birthdays and Anniversaries! Get those important reminders in the calendar and those cards in the mail ahead of time. Having a monthly view of what special birthdays and anniversaries are happening this month will prevent you from forgetting.

  8. Bill Payment Due Dates! No need to go crazy by inputting all your monthly expenses, but the important payment dates you don't want to forget should be on your monthly calendar.

  9. Monthly Motivational Thought! Leave room for a quote or reminder you want to glance at everyday.

  10. Keep it clean of distractions!



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