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How to Smudge your Home

There’s a couple things you want to keep in mind before smudging your home, and it’s important to not skip any of these steps as smudging is a cleanse for your space, the same way you might do a cleanse for your body. If your energy is feeling low, you feel unmotivated or you're just seeking change, these are all signs that your space might need to be smudged.

Okay, here we go:

1️⃣ Make sure your space is clean first, and I mean vacuumed, floors washed, nothing causing any clutter!

2️⃣ Make sure you have matches, in a pinch a lighter will work but it is best to work with natural materials

3️⃣ DO NOT smudge your space if you are feeling anxious or are in a negative mindset. By doing so you are just expelling that energy around your home vs cleansing the energy.

4️⃣ After the sage is lit start by your entrance and make your way through each room, you want to hold the stick low to the ground so the smoke rises, clearing out the space. (Keep the lights off)

5️⃣ As you walk through each room you want to speak the intentions/affirmations that you want to promote for that space, you can say them out loud or keep them to yourself.

6️⃣ It’s best to cleanse the home when no one else is home and keeping your pets outside, best not to mix any extra energies during the process!

7️⃣ Lastly, don’t OVER smudge your home, only when you feel the energy needs a clearing. I recommend doing it after each full moon, but once every 6 months will also do the trick.

I could go on and on about sage but we will start here! ✨




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