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The Benefits of Being Organized!

Do you like to keep yourself organized, or have you always wanted to be an organized person but don’t know where to begin or how to maintain it? We get it, at the beginning of the year motivation is high and you're ready to do a whole life clean up and promise yourself you're going to stick to it! The hard part? Life gets busy again and bit by bit staying organized becomes less of a priority and we end up losing that satisfying feeling of what having everything in order feels like. In this article we are going to provide you with the basic steps to becoming organized and how with small daily routines you can keep yourself feeling this way all year round!

How To Get Started!

To get started you need an action plan, you need to make it clear to yourself why you want to get organized and remind yourself that once everything is in order you are freeing up more space in your mind for both rest and productivity!

Let’s get started! In order to begin the organization process you must first get rid of the clutter. Write out a list of things you keep saying you will get around to but haven't yet. Examples could be: organizing kitchen drawers, go through closets and make a good will bag, file all loose paperwork, have all important birthdays written out so that none get forgotten throughout the year. The list can be as large or small as you need it to be! Now that you have put in writing the many things that are taking up space in your mind you can now start to chip away at them in order of most importance. This is where your planner comes in!

In our (Project Inside)Out Planner there are many different tools and worksheets to help you stay organized! When creating To Do Lists we like to use the blank Bullet Pages so that they do not get lost (no one needs 10 different lists lying around their home)! At the beginning of each month there is a page designated for Monthly Scheduling here is where you can take the items from your To Do List and place the ones you want to accomplish this month on this page. Now is when you want to start using the Daily Sections. Try to get yourself in a routine of prepping your days the night before. This does not mean scheduling something in for every minute of every day, this means writing just 1 thing down from your To Do List into your day. This way you still leave room to do all the other tasks that fill our days up but this also allows for space to unwind in the evening or take that afternoon walk that you need. By giving yourself permission to accomplish only one task a day you are following through with it and not rushing through it. If you want to file all the loose papers and receipts lying around your house, then do it properly so it doesn’t end up on your To Do List again. Make it efficient and create a system for yourself moving forward!

The Shift that Happens Once You Are Organized...

Although getting yourself organized can feel a bit daunting at first, once you implement new organizational habits into your everyday routines you will begin to notice many small helpful changes. Your work ethic and your downtime will both start to shift, having positive effects on your body and mind! Some things you may begin to notice right away are:

  • Space to be able to think clearly

  • No constant mental to do list

  • No overwhelming feeling of not knowing where your things are

  • Less anxious

  • More productive

  • Time efficiency

  • Sense of accomplishment

  • No scheduling mishaps

  • More space for downtime and relaxation

Now that you’ve got yourself organized and know how to maintain it we can keep that motivation running high! If you get off track, remind yourself why it was important to you in the first place to have organization in your life. You can always resort back to your To Do List and begin again! Using a planner such as our (Project Inside)Out Planner helps you keep everything in one place, and by getting into a daily planning habit you hold yourself accountable to staying organized. We are here to support you with tips and tricks along your organization journey and the best part is you can begin RIGHT NOW!




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