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Two Months Of Constant Change + Learning

Two months of constant change and learning. Having River during a pandemic has been filled with lots of mixed feelings. During the pregnancy and even still now we have had to be very isolated, the thought of even bringing River near a grocery store terrifies me. Lots of family and friends that we would love to have meet him won’t be able to until we feel it’s safe to do so. All appointments can only have one parent present. As a baby we want him to be able to explore different environments, baby groups and social experiences so we hope that we will be able to do more or that in the near future.. But with all the many things that can be fear inducing, there’s also the part of us that is so grateful for all the opportunities we have gotten to have as a family throughout the pandemic. We have been able to spend the last stages of my pregnancy and these first two months just the three of us. Taking in our new roles and not feeling any pressure of having to socialize or travel. We’ve been able to soak up all of the moments and take time to heal, move slow and explore. That’s exactly how I want to continue our time, moving slow.. because it sure is true, the days fly by and you don’t want to miss a moment of it! ⁣

“I watch everyone move so fast towards each other and I think.... how beautiful it is when it moves slow, and takes time, when it’s curious, how it lingers, all those layers to uncover, how it feels to explore.” -Wanderlust


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