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Welcome River

I have always felt very strong and present in my body, knowing it's limits and also what I am capable of, but I have never felt so complete in my soul until bringing our baby boy earth-side.

Patrick and I have always had this connection that is indescribable our love is strong and our love is rare. What we didn't realize is just how much love grows in a matter of moments when together you meet the tiny piece that's been missing. The piece that expands you and opens your heart up to places you haven't explored before.

We are proud to share with you the newest member of our family River Noel Rinehart born on May 12th 2020 weighing 6.5lbs. He decided to surprise us 5 weeks early and on our moving day; he just couldn't wait to be involved and make his entrance into this world as a strong Taurus. It's true what they say, your whole world changes in an instant and you get to experience it in an entirely new light.


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